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Cypress Moon Wooden Rockers Donated to Orphanage in Uganda

We were recently contacted by Boy Scout Troop 366 in Annapolis, MD.  They were wanting to purchase a couple of our wooden rocking benches to donate to an orphanage in Uganda.  Below are some of the photos we received.  Cypress Moon wants to thank these young men for allowing us to play a small roll in their beautiful act of kindness!

Cypress Moon Swings-Uganda Orphanage 1

Cypress Moon Swings-Uganda Orphanage 2

Cypress Moon Swings-Uganda Orphanage 3



Armless Sewing Rocker

Armless Sewing Rocker

Sewing Rocking Chair

The Cypress Moon Armless Sewing Rocker, also known as a Guitarist Rocker and Sewing Rocking Chair, is designed without arms so that the person sitting has more room to sew, play guitar, read the newspaper, etc. Unlike many wooden rocking chairs on the internet, this rocker arrives assembled and NOT in a kit that you have to put together. It is handcrafted from SOLID OAK (not cheap pine!) and will accent any room or front porch for years to come. Cypress Moon also sells many other Oak Rocking Chairs, in addition to our Porch Swings and Outdoor Gliders.

Outdoor Gliders

Porch Gliders

Cypress Moon Outdoor Glider - Made in the USA!

If you are looking for a more stationary piece of outdoor furniture instead of a porch swing, these Cypress Moon Outdoor Gliders offer the perfect alternative. Their easy glide system provide a comforting motion that will induce hours of natural stress relief. Handbuilt from weather-resistant cypress, these wooden gliders feature a rolled front & back, as well as a contoured seat for supreme comfort. Our Porch Gliders are heavily constructed with sanded, routered slats measuring 1 inch thick and 1 3/4 inches wide.  Few porch gliders are built with this kind of quality!  As with all Cypress Moon Furniture, price includes FREE SHIPPING!

  • Made in America!  
  • Rolled front and back
  • Contoured seat for supreme comfort
  • Available unfinished or your finish choice of 8 color STAINS
  • Easy assembly
  • Constructed with galvanized and zinc plated hardware (no rust!)
  • Available in 2ft – 5 ft widths!

In addition to our Gliders, Cypress Moon also offers beautiful handmade Porch Swings, as well as other Outdoor Furniture.   Visit us @!

The End of Summer

This week will bring the first day of September and hopefully cooler temperatures.  Here in the South it can get almost too hot in August to enjoy being outside on your porch swing.  We usually see our slowest times here at Cypress Moon during the latter part of summer.  However, once fall starts approaching and the temperatures start cooling off, more people want to get outside!

Once the heat breaks and you are able to enjoy the outdoors again, please consider Cypress Moon for accenting your patio with any of our patio swings or other outdoor furniture. Cypress Moon features beautiful, cypress furniture that is handmade in Louisiana. Our famous Porch Swings are available in many different models, including: The Classic Porch Swing, Rollback Porch Swing, Flip-down Console Porch Swing, Decorative Porch Swing, Swing Chair, Swing Beds and Engraved Porch Swings.

Thank you!

Cypress Moon

Center For Furniture Craftsmanship

Center For Furniture Craftsmanship

I recently found out about this nonprofit educational organization that teaches people the art of furniture craftsmanship!

The mission of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship is to provide the best possible education for people who want to design and build functional, beautiful, and expressive work out of wood to the highest standard of craftsmanship. At the heart of the Center’s mission is the belief that design and craftsmanship are deeply meaningful expressions of the human spirit. They contribute to individual fulfillment and, by extension, to the advancement of society.

Their programs are for novice, intermediate, and advanced woodworkers who seek an inspiring learning experience in a supportive environment.

Check them out HERE!

Adirondack Chairs

Summer time is a perfect time to relax in a handmade Adirondack Chair from Cypress Moon!

wooden adirondack

Cypress Moon Adirondack Chairs have a vintage look reminiscent of styles dating back to the 40’s and 50’s.  It features slanted front legs and a five-slat back with a wide middle slat. Careful attention to seat height, width and depth make this one of the most comfortable Adirondacks on the market today.   Rugged construction featuring 13/16” select Cypress, 1/8” rounded edges, dacrotized screws and stainless steel bolts insures years of outdoor use.  Cypress sets the standard for outdoor applications due to it’s excellent resistance to moisture, decay and insects.  Great looks, great comfort!   Available in your choice of 6 solid color acrylic latex paints or 5 semi-transparent waterseal stains.  As with all Cypress Moon Furniture, price includes FREE SHIPPING!

• Made in America!
• Material: 13/16″ Select Cypress.

• Dimensions: 38″H x 32″W x 34″D
• Seating Surface: 22″W x 19″D
• Weight: 27 lbs
• Fasteners: Screws – dacrotized weather/salt resistant.  Bolts, Nuts, & Washers – stainless steel
• Edges: 1/8″ roundover on arms, front/rear legs, seat and back slats
• Assembly: Partial assembly required. “Knocked-down” for shipping, but can be assembled in minutes with household tools.

Don’t forget to see ALL of our other Adirondack Furniture, like Adirondack Loveseats, Tete-A-Tetes, Adirondack Rockers at Cypress Moon!

Decorative Porch Swings

The Hourglass Porch Swing

Decorative Porch Swings differ from traditional swings by their unique design and adornments.  Some may possess ornate shapes or characters carved into the wood, while others may have a non-typical design pattern, such as the back or arms of the swing.  Some Decorative Porch Swings are distinguished by their unique colors, such as those that are red, white & blue like the American Flag!  We have designed one called  The Hourglass! Handmade from Louisiana cypress, The Hourglass’ unique pattern is bound to accent any front porch or yard.  As with all Cypress Moon Furniture, price includes FREE SHIPPING!

  • Made in America!  
  • Contoured seat for supreme comfort
  • Four-Brace System across back and bottom
  • Available unfinished or your finish choice of 8 color STAINS
  • Easy assembly
  • Constructed with galvanized and zinc plated hardware (no rust!)
  • Option to add CUP HOLDER ARMS
  • Available in 4ft – 6ft widths!

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