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Modern Outdoor Furniture and Porch Swings

We received these beautiful photos from a previous customer in Florida.  The Cypress Moon black patio swings really compliment the sleek, modern design of his porch.  In addition to the wooden furniture, this unique backyard masterpiece includes a koi pond, two fire pits, cobblestone floor and a high-rise observatory deck!  Contact Cypress Moon for your porch swing needs!

porch swings

porch swings

porch swing

patio swing

wooden porch swings

Porch Swing Bed!

Cypress Moon Porch Swing Bed

Here’s a photo of a Swing Bed sent in by one of our recent customers.  Accented with custom upholstery, it matches the other furniture on their deck to complete a wonderful outside oasis!  Visit our website to read more about our Porch Swing Beds!

Porch Swing Bed

Places To Buy Porch Swings

Where To Buy Porch Swings

When shopping for porch swings, there are many outlets available.  With the boom of the world wide web, many patio swings today are being bought on the internet.  However, there are still physical places available where you can see the product before you buy it.  Here’s a few places to choose from:

• Furniture Stores   While there are a few retailers that carry outdoor furniture, most furniture stores only carry indoor furnishings.

• Hardware Stores   Many of today’s hardware stores carry outdoor furniture, in addition to hardware supplies.

• Independent Crafters   In rural areas, it is not uncommon to find woodcraftsmen who still make porch swings. These crafters may sell their products along the side of the road, or in their front yards. The best way to locate a local porch swing builder is to simply “ask the locals”.

• Arts & Crafts Shows   Scattered throughout the country are trade shows that feature independent artists, such as woodworkers. You are almost guaranteed to find outdoor furniture makers at these events, including handmade patio swings.

• Online Retailers   The invention of the internet has opened the doors for just about every type of commerce available, including outdoor furniture. There are literally hundreds of retailers on the web that sell porch swings. Many are mass-produced, but a few companies still sell handcrafted patio swings like Cypress Moon!

• Previous Owners   Sometimes when you’re traveling down the road you will see items in people’s front yards for sale. If you’re lucky, you might find a porch swing. However, these situations are very few, because once you buy a porch swing, you’ll never want to be without one again! 

How To Install A Porch Swing

How To Hang A Porch Swing From Ceiling

When hanging porch swings, make sure that the support beam or joists in your ceiling will support the weight of the porch swing and its occupants. If you’re unsure of your ceiling’s strength, have an experienced carpenter check it out. Once you’re sure, drill pilot holes to prevent wood splitting, screw eye-bolts or large hooks into an overhead support beam, and hang your chains.

Leave a minimum of 2.5 feet behind the swing for ample swinging room. Three feet or more is even better. Position the swing chains an inch or two outside the swing length to efficiently disperse the weight. For example, when hanging a 5-foot swing, position the ceiling chain hooks about 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 4 inches apart.
If you’re using our comfort springs for extra bounce and smooth swinging, they hang (either side up) between the hanging hooks and the swing chains.

How To Hang A Porch Swing From A Tree Limb

Wimpy tree limbs won’t support a porch swing. Choose a strong, sturdy limb when hanging your swing. Protect the limb from abrasion by padding the hanging chains with a rubber hose. Then fasten the chains around the limb with a heavy, rust-resistant bolt, remembering to add an inch or two to the swing length when positioning the chains. Keep your tree happy: never use hooks to attach a chain directly to a tree limb.

How to hang a porch swing from an A-Frame

If you discover that your ceiling can’t sustain the weight of your patio swing and you don’t have a sturdy tree limb to hang it from, you might try a free-standing A-frame swing package. They come with a stand for convenient placement anywhere on the lawn, in the garden, or on a large porch or patio surface.

install a patio swing

porch swing installation

To read more about how to install a porch swing, visit us @ Cypress Moon Porch Swings!

New Porch Swing Color!

Cypress Moon has recently replaced our old “Hunter Green” with the new “Augusta Green”.  (See our color chart below)  Inspired by the famous golf classic in Augusta, Georgia, we’re sure you’re gonna love the new color as much as we do!  Besides green, there are 7 other stains to choose from when shopping for our wooden porch swings.

Why do we only offer color STAINS and not PAINTS?  We only offer color stains because the grains of the cypress are too beautiful to be covered up by paint. By staining them we are still able to uniquely accent our patio swings with color, while allowing the grain to remain visible!

Wooden Porch Swings

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Christmas Red Porch Swings

porch swing

Traditional Christmas colors of green and red are decorating front porches across America this holiday season!  Why not decorate yours with a red porch swing from Cypress Moon?  Handmade in Louisiana, our patio swings are constructed of durable cypress to last for years.  Besides red and green, we also have several other color stains to choose from to match your patio.  See all of our porch swings @

Thank you for supporting an American business and we hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Things To Consider When Buying Porch Swings

Things To Consider When Buying Porch Swings


Well, Autumn is finally upon us and that means cooler temperatures which are ideal for front porch swinging!  Therefore, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips to consider before you purchase a Porch Swing for your outdoor enjoyment.

WOOD TYPE Obviously, this is the biggest factor to consider because the type of material used to build your porch swing will determine its looks, strength and longevity. It is a fact that certain species of wood are better suited for outdoor use than others. The following are some wood types to consider if your chairs are going to sit outside, and some to avoid:

Wood types to consider. Ash, Western Red Cedar, Cypress, Redwood and treated Pine are probably the most practical. Western Red Cedar is the least dense of these woods, so be sure to look for at least 1″ board thickness if you are considering a cedar chair. Treated pine is an affordable alternative, however pine boards have a tendency to warp over time, and there has been controversy over the years regarding the chemicals used to treat them. CCA (copper chromium arsenic) was used for years to treat pine until it was replaced by ACQ, a preservative which does not contain chromium or arsenic, which studies have suggested to be hazardous.

Teak and Ipe are exotic hardwoods which perform well in outdoor applications, however they are expensive. They are also heavy woods which can make shipping costs a factor to consider.

We use Cypress for our products. Cypress is the only species that contains cypressine, a chemical found in Cypress that naturally protects it from decay and insects. Cypress is a medium-density, straight-grained wood that is resistant to warping, works easily and accepts paints and stains exceptionally well.

Wood types to avoid. Untreated yellow Pine, whitewood, Poplar, and certain species of Oak all have a tendency to decay when exposed to the elements. Unless you are purchasing your chair for indoor use, it would be best to avoid these species.

TIP: Also avoid any patio swings that do not specify the wood type, i.e., “This swing is made from solid wood.” If the website or manufacturer won’t specify the wood type, more than likely it is NOT made from a species suited for outdoor use. We’ve found that swings which do not specify wood type are usually made from the least expensive materials available to achieve the lowest price points.

WOOD THICKNESS Our experience has shown that outdoor swings made from wood at least 3/4″ thick performs the best in terms of support, appearance and longevity. Try to avoid swings made of 1/2″ material as the seating surfaces will bow (and sometimes fail) over time.

FASTENERS The first choice is stainless steel, especially in coastal environments. Stainless steel will last the longest with no signs of discoloration or red rust. Dacrotized screws undergo a process (similar to galvanization) which produces a finish highly resistant to rust and corrosion as well. Galvanized fasteners perform well, however over time the galvanized finish can chip off. Brass is also a good option. Fasteners to avoid? Stay away from zinc-plated or hardened steel screws. These fasteners are not suited for outdoor use and will shows signs of corrosion after a short time period.

FINISHES This is the part of shopping for a porch swing which you will probably find the least amount of data in the swing’s specifications. For paints we like acrylic latex gloss. Acrylic paints are flexible; they allow the wood to expand and contract through temperature and seaonal changes without cracking. Oil-based finishes will become more brittle over time and crack as the wood moves. The paint should be suited for exterior use, and we prefer a gloss finish simply because it’s easier to clean.

For stains, try to find out if the finish contains water, mildew, uv and insect protection (like a waterseal), or if the finish is merely a stain. Having the features of a waterseal is only to your advantage and will increase the life of the chair. It is important to mention that even if the stain contains uv inhibitors, the wood underneath the stain will turn gray over time, which will change the appearance of the chair. This often provides a unique appearance which many find appealling, and the graying of the wood underneath will not effect it’s structural integrity if the wood is suited for outdoor use.

How long should paints and stains last? About as long as a good paint job on a house, and longer if the piece is out of direct exposure to the elements, such as under a porch or awning.

WHERE IS IT MADE? American consumers utilize many fantastic products each day that are manufactured overseas. Imported products are usually of high quality and are oftentimes affordably priced.

HOWEVER, we should not forget that purchasing American-made products do in fact support the lives and families of our fellow Americans. American furniture is usually made by small companies throughout the country, many with a unique story to tell. These small companies symbolize American capitalism and entrepreneurship which are the backbone of this great land of ours.

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