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Modern Outdoor Furniture and Porch Swings

We received these beautiful photos from a previous customer in Florida.  The Cypress Moon black patio swings really compliment the sleek, modern design of his porch.  In addition to the wooden furniture, this unique backyard masterpiece includes a koi pond, two fire pits, cobblestone floor and a high-rise observatory deck!  Contact Cypress Moon for your porch swing needs!

porch swings

porch swings

porch swing

patio swing

wooden porch swings

Another Porch Swing Circle!


Here’s another awesome porch swing circle.  This was sent in to us by a Cypress Moon customer in California.  The structure is absolutely beautiful!  I imagine they will be spending many evenings swinging around the fire pit!

This particular customer used a combination of several sizes of patio swings to make their circle.  If you are interested in constructing something like this, please feel free to contact Cypress Moon Porch Swings!  We offer discounts on bulk orders.  Thank you so much for supporting American businesses!

Porch Swing Circle



Porch Swings & Coffee

Starbucks Veranda Blend Coffee

We recently saw an advertisement for Starbucks new Blonde Coffee and thought the graphics on their Veranda Blend was perfect.  There’s a porch swing on it!  What a perfect combination.  We couldn’t have come up with a better label if we’d tried!

Coffee + Porch Swings = Happiness 🙂

Check out the coffee here –

Check out the porch swings here –

Porch Swing Coffee

Porch Swing Proposal

The Porch Swing Proposal

Over the years we’ve heard various stories of how our porch swings have played a part in special family moments.  We feel very blessed to be included in such wonderful memories.  Sometimes we got so caught up with the business end that we forget how special porch swings really are!   However, we’re quickly reminded when we receive letters like the following:

“Early in our relationship, my girlfriend and I had a conversation about bad breakups. She went through her list and I went through mine, and a common thread among them was the awful ways that the people in our lives had gone about breaking up with us. There were the text messages, the surrogates, and phone calls just to name a few. None of them were very classy or chivalrous. One thing she had mentioned is how she always wanted to be broken up with on a porch swing like you would see on TV or in the movies. I jokingly said, ‘If I ever break up with you it’ll for sure be on a porch swing.’  I then added, ‘And if I ever ask you to marry me I’ll do it on a porch swing too…that way when we sit down you won’t know which one its going to be’.

Well two years later, when I decided to ask her to be my wife, I knew what would have to be done. So along with shopping for the perfect engagement ring, I had to find the perfect engagement porch swing as well.

Christmas morning, after the we opened all the presents from under the tree and family had all gone home, I asked her if she was happy with the couple if small and unremarkable gifts she had gotten from me. She of course said yes. I then said, ‘Do you think that’s all I got you?’.  ‘Not now that you said that’, she said with a widening grin.  ‘There is one more, but you have to put your coat on.’

I walked her out the side of the house to the side walk and around to the front porch. As soon as we rounded the corner she saw the newest addition to the porch, a cypress moon porch swing. Her hand started shaking in mine and she said in a sarcastic and trembling voice, ‘You’d better be breaking up with me’.

Here is a picture of us a few minutes after she said yes.”  – C.A.

Porch Swing

Cypress Moon is extremely grateful for all of our customers.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives!!!

Please visit our website to see all of our various Porch Swings, as well as our Wooden Outdoor Gliders and Rocking Chairs.