World’s Largest Porch Swing

Largest Porch Swing

The world’s largest porch swing can be found in Hebron, NE.  It is 32 feet long and can seat about 18 adults or 24 children.  That’s one big swing!

And we thought our Swing Bed was big!

Biggest Porch Swing

Porch Swing Circle

Porch Swing Circle

Here’s a wonderful idea for your backyard – a Porch Swing Circle!  This neat design incorporates a wooden hexagonal structure with 5 porch swings that surround a campfire centerpiece.   How cool is that?  Think of all the fun you could have at your next backyard party?

If you are interested in constructing this design, Cypress Moon offers bulk discount on multiple swing orders.  Our porch swings are handmade of cypress and built to last many years!  Thank you for your consideration!

porch swings

Wooden Porch Swings

How To Make A Bed Swing

How To Make A Bed Swing

We recently found this interesting instructional video on YouTube demonstrating how to make a Swing Bed.  Swing Beds are very popular right now within the world of interior design.  Cypress Moon makes Swing Beds, but if you would rather build your own, this is a great video showing you how to.  However, there is one suggestion we would like to make and that is regarding the type of lumber used.  It might be better to choose a more durable lumber such as cypress or cedar when constructing your swing rather than pine.

Bed Swing

Bed Swing

Bed Swings are extremely popular right now.  You can’t open an interior design magazine and not see one!  Basically, Bed Swings (or Swing Beds) are giant porch swings that are large enough for an adult to lay on, not just sit in.  Many people hang them inside their homes and designers love to decorate them with cushions and pillows.  The internet is full of photos demonstrating the many ways to decorate a Swing Bed.

Cypress Moon has sold Bed Swings for many years to interior designers and homeowners all over the country.  These swings are big enough to accommodate a twin-size mattress!  Our Swing Beds are handmade from beautiful cypress and are available in eight colors!  Visit our website to see more photos of our Swing Bed!

Swing Bed

‘Made in the USA’ Making a Comeback

‘Made in the USA’ Making a Comeback

This is an interesting article HERE regarding the increase in American-made products.  As an American business, we are delighted to hear that America’s consumers still care.  Cypress Moon puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that our porch swings are ‘Made in the USA’.  Many of our customers shop with us solely because of the fact that our furniture is Made in America and we are extremely grateful.  Thank you!

– Cypress Moon Porch Swings

Made in the USA

How To Build A Porch Swing

How To Build A Porch Swing

Here’s a great video showing you the step-by-step process of building a porch swing.  If you have the time and resources, you can make one yourself.  It will be something you can be proud of for years to come.  We suggest using a durable wood like cypress instead of pine.  However, if you don’t want to go that route, you can always by a swing that is pre-built from us, Cypress Moon Porch Swings!

Porch Swings & Coffee

Starbucks Veranda Blend Coffee

We recently saw an advertisement for Starbucks new Blonde Coffee and thought the graphics on their Veranda Blend was perfect.  There’s a porch swing on it!  What a perfect combination.  We couldn’t have come up with a better label if we’d tried!

Coffee + Porch Swings = Happiness 🙂

Check out the coffee here –

Check out the porch swings here –

Porch Swing Coffee