Front Porch Decorating Ideas For Fall

Ideas For Decorating Your Front Porch During Fall

Whether it’s trick-or-treating, admiring the colorful leaves from a comfy chair or hosting a party, your front porch is a hot spot during fall. So as it’s showcased this season, make sure you decorate it well. Here are some tips to keep in mind when beginning your home decor project:

Fall porch with mums


Because your porch will see a lot of foot traffic this season, make sure it’s clean. First, remove and sweep the porch. Next, put warm water in a bucket and mix with a cleaning solution, says Wendy Garfield, interior decorator at La Strada-Meuble, Objet, Décor. If the porch is wood, Garfield suggests using Murphy’s Oil. Otherwise, any mild soap should do. Then rinse with hot water and dry.


This may seem like a weird tip, but if you want to get the most pumpkin for your recession buck, cut out shapes in felt and stick them to the pumpkins as an alternative to carving, suggests Phyllis Cambria of This way, the pumpkins will last much longer. You can also use artificial jack-o-lanterns.

‘If kept whole, gourds, pumpkins, corn husks and apples will last throughout the season if in a cool climate,’ Cambria says.


The colors on your front porch should complement the colors of nature during the season. Popular fall colors are oranges, reds, gold and yellow, browns, and dark greens, says Ceil Petrucelli, owner of Ceil Petrucelli Interiors in Bennington, VT.

Now is also the time to consider painting your front door to correspond with your fall décor, suggests Diana Hathaway Timmons, interior designer and author. Choose a color that makes a great backdrop for your seasonal decorations, Timmons says.


Rather than choosing typical items from stores, look to antique shops for inspiration. ‘Most of the time, people just use their imagination, really,’ Petrucelli says.

Fall lends itself to old items, which correlate with the harvest theme. Old farm equipment is also great for fall décor. Petrucelli notes that she even saw a pitchfork at one home decorated with corn and plaid ribbon.


Decorations like pine cones and berries can transition into the winter season. If you display plain branches in a stylish container (wooden basket or crock) for fall, you can spray them with white or gold paint for winter, Petrucelli says. Fall wreaths can also transition by adding berries or feathers.

Dried pomegranates are also great for both fall and winter, she says.


Garfield offers some additional décor ideas for your front porch:

  • Empty your summer pots and replace them with fall mums.
  • Line one side of your steps with lanterns and pumpkins in different widths and heights.
  • Make a wreath from branches and leaves, and hang it on your front door.
  • Scatter leaves all over your porch floor.
  • Put a heavy blanket and some pillows on your porch chair or swing, and make sure to stick with the fall color scheme.
  • Fill a shallow rustic iron pot with pine cones, leaves, covered nuts and cinnamon sticks. Sprinkle on some cayenne pepper and mint to keep the animals away.


This article was taken from SheKnows Home & Garden
Oct 26, 2009 9:32 AM by Corie Russell
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In addition to autumn decor, no front porch would be complete without a Porch Swing!  A patio swing adds the ultimate “welcoming factor” to any home.  You can decorate these as well with pillows and faux leaves.  For beautiful handmade wooden furniture, check out Cypress Moon Porch Swings!

wooden porch swings

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