Warmer Weather Means Porch Swing Weather!

This has been a horrible, cold winter!  Not just in the Northern United States, but in the South too!  In fact, it’s mid-March and it’s still unusually cold here.  BUT, it’s getting warmer and that means “Front Porch Weather”!  Our sales of wooden porch swings are really starting to pick up as the days have now gotten longer.  People are really wanting to get outside and welcome springtime!

Let Cypress Moon help you bring in the new season with one of our handcrafted cypress porch swings!  We’ve got seven models to choose from, including: Classic Porch SwingRollback Porch Swing, Console Porch SwingDecorative Porch SwingEngraved Porch SwingSwing Chair and The Swing Bed.  We’ve been selling them all over America for 23 years, so we must be doing something right.  Each one of our patio swings are constructed from durable, weather-resistant cypress and come with a lifetime warranty!  Even better, all of our swing purchases include FREE SHIPPING!

In addition, check out ALL of our Outdoor Furniture!

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